How to organize 1 bedroom apartment

In a one-room apartment, it is necessary to use every detail of the space as much as possible, practically and efficiently. Before moving on to design, you need to plan a few details. Before moving on to design, you need to plan a few details.  

You can also visually expand a one-bedroom apartment by using a few design tricks and techniques. The most simple and popular is the use of light, pastel colors. To make the space appear bigger, use the following color tone layout: the ceiling should be the lightest, the walls - one or two tones darker, and the floor - contrasting dark.  You can also use mirrors, with glossy and glass surfaces to visually enhance the space.  

As for the furniture, the furniture in a small apartment should be compact and functional at the same time. Choose furniture that you can use for several destinations. Minimize the quantity of decor. This does not mean that you must refuse everything, just refrain from large items, try that decor elements have some functional load as well.  

In a small apartment, it is necessary to have enough lighting. Because of the small number of windows, you cannot provide this naturally, so use an artificial source to illuminate the apartment well. Beautifully designed lamps, spotlights, and more. Through them, you can give the house lighter and coziness.  

Use furniture to divide the dwelling into functional zones. The advantage of such planning is that in a small space you can easily organize the desired situation by moving the furniture.