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Georgian Jewish Construction Company Alia Group was founded in 2019. The main goal of the company is to establish high quality construction standards of Israeli in the real estate market in Georgia.

Distinctive design, quality construction and the creation of a living environment tailored to the needs of the customer, this is what every employee of Alia Group works tirelessly for.

The advantage of Alia Group lies in the many years of experience of the partner company.

Alia Group's

mission is

to create the best living environment for you and each member of your family. We are constantly focused on the future of the company, so everything we do is about quality. That is why Advance Engineering LTD, a company of Jewish quality, was selected by one of our partners, whose main profile is interdisciplinary quality control and its provision. Advance Engineering LTD carries out construction quality control: monitors construction works according to construction stages and the quality of materials used.


Alia Group's significant value is the long-standing Georgian-Jewish friendship and Jewish capital. Growth and expansion are important for us, we want to be present in all districts of Tbilisi in 5 years, that is why we share the power of the customer on the path to our success, because customer goodwill is the most important component for success in this field.

Our motto

Each person should have the opportunity to own a comfortable and quality apartment tailored to their needs. We take care to offer: Affordable price, High quality, Environment that is customized into the customers’ needs.