What to consider during the renovation

Everyone knows the fact that renovation is a time-consuming and expensive affair that requires a lot of time and energy. 


It is important to plan it before starting the renovation. A well-written plan is directly related to the case quality and its execution in a small period of time. And not having a plan is associated with constant problems, procrastination time, and a lengthy process. Which will affect your budget and nerves. So, before you start the renovation, ask yourself the following questions - How long will it take to renovate? How much does home renovation cost today? Who should lead the renovation? etc.   

The plan includes the following stages: 

First of all, it is necessary to determine the budget and consider pre-costs. Because even if there is a plan, there is a small chance that things will not go the way you wanted.  

It is also important to pre-select renovation materials to determine the exact term of their purchase and receipt because afterward certain works will not be stopped. 

Ask for advice from people who have already made renovations and who are competent. These tips will help you in selecting materials as well as hiring a team of professionals.  


Correct count of costs and time 

In most cases, repairs are much more expensive and take longer than you expect. You may even have to increase the planned amount by 15-20%, so it is best to defer the money for unforeseen expenses from the beginning to avoid the prolonged time of renovation and unnecessary savings.  

Setting priorities 

If the budget for renovation is small and you have to make some compromises, and you buy an expensive technique then it is better to focus on items and materials, the replacement of which is associated with much higher costs. For example, you can always change the equipment, but re-laying the floor / tile will not be a pleasant and cheap process. So, think about which is better, expensive technique or cheap materials?