Plants for the bedroom

Decorating a house with plants is a really smart decision, considering that they have not only a visual but also a functional load, and the benefits that they bring particularly into a bedroom are enormous. In addition to plants revitalizing the room and improving the mood, they clean the air from polluting gasses and particles such as Formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and benzene. 

These green friends can not only stay in the bedroom, this is also recommended. 

5 plants you should have in the bedroom:  


An ideal plant for a bedroom. Studies show that it is especially active at night when it releases oxygen. Another plus of the plant is that it is unpretentious - it can easily withstand any conditions (shade, sharp light, dry and moist air). Most of all it comes in a gray background, with its strange stripes clearly visible on it.


Rubber ficus

Fat and dark green leaves of the plant filter out formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia. Absolutely every kind of ficus loves a well-lit place, so it is important to choose the right place. Place it by the window and try to avoid direct sunlight with the help of a curtain. 


Grow the philodendron next to your bed or let it go on the wall. The heart shape of its leaves will add a special touch to your room. In addition to beauty, it also cleanses the air from toxins. There are many types of philodendrons and each of them needs minimal care. It adapts well to a semi-lit place. 


Palma Areca / Dypsis

Another ideal plant for your bedroom. Cleans the air and is not toxic to pets. It will turn your room into a real tropical jungle, where you can sleep peacefully. In addition to other visuals, it filters out and enriches the air with oxygen. 


Lavender is the most ideal plant to favor sleep and rest. Because of these characteristics, this plant is often preferred when it comes to arranging a bedroom.