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Didi Digomi Jewish quality of construction
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Georgian Jewish Construction Company Alia Group was founded in 2019. The main goal of the company is to establish high quality construction standards of Israeli in the real estate market in Georgia.

Distinctive design, quality construction and the creation of a living environment tailored to the needs of the customer, this is what every employee of Alia Group works tirelessly for.

The advantage of Alia Group lies in the many years of experience of the partner company.

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Construction process
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2022 March
Doors and windows
Three floors were included: metal railings, doors and windows and stained glass. At the same time, internal partitions are being removed in specific apartments.
2022 February
11th floor
მიმდინარეობს, ბოლო, მე-11 სართულის ფილის დასხმა
2021 December
9th floor
The 9th floor columns are being installed in Digomi and the whole floor will be filled in early January.
2021 December
8th floor
The 8th floor is under construction in Didi Digomi.
2021 November
7th floor columns
The 6th floor is finished, the 7th floor columns are being installed.
2021 October
6th floor
The roof of the 6th floor (residential 5th floor) is underway.
2021 August
Arrangements of the 4th residential floor are underway
2021 August
The access road to the parking lot is ready to be paved.